There’s no wonder why Splatoon is such a hit, because it brings that astounding, interesting gameplay that no one has managed to deliver until now. The best thing is that Nintendo knows people like it and the people want more, as well as bug fixes, and this is why they released a new update for the game in the form of version 1.3.0.

The new update manages to bring in some interesting things to the game, more specifically adjustments to the special abilities and weapons as well as numerous changes to the Splatfest mode, which is really nice.

Splatfest changes are significant, because now only the results from matches that took place against the opposing team will be found in the overall results, not to mention that some adjustments were made in order to allow players to enter a game in progress, a neat thing considering the fact that sometimes people tend to quit and exit the game. This makes the server load a lot easier to bear with on the Nintendo side, and it also provides a better, more refined experience for gamers as well. Moreover, the number of Super Sea Snails that are distributed by the losing team has also been modified.

As we said, the special weapons were also adjusted as well, more specifically the inkstrike and kraken, all of which now have a refined damage and a much better experience as a whole.

The abilities in the game are now highly improved, and here we are talking more specifically about the Ninja Squid, Stealth Jump and the Ink Resistance Up. All of these manage to refine the game experience and take it to the next level, which is very interesting and fun for all players, that’s a given.

According to some rumors, there are some significant background changes as well, on the coding side more specifically, even though in the official changelog you can’t really see these. The idea is that they are indeed located out there, and the game does seem to run better in some situations, so there’s that.

To be honest, considering the huge success that Splatoon has managed to obtain in a short period of time, we are pretty sure that this isn’t the only update set to come from Nintendo, in fact they might be working on a new one as well.

But, will there be new content? Hopefully there will indeed be, one can only hope that, but it’s unclear when that will happen! One thing is certain, more than 1 million copies of the game were sold, and the game continues to sell like hot bread, so hopefully new content, DLCs or maybe a sequel are not that far off, but we will have to wait and see for that!