Mario and Luigi Partners In Time Game for the Nintendo DS

Don’t you just love the ability to go back in time to prevent something bad from happening in the future?

That is actually a concept of this game I am going to talk about in this article. The game I am referring to is Mario and Luigi Partners In Time Game for the Nintendo DS.

The story begins when Professor E. Gadd, the Mario verse’s resident scientist, wants to showcase his newly formed time machine.

The time machine is powered by an element called the “Cobalt Star” and the professor wants to showcase it in Peach’s castle.

Peach was so excited to be a part of this and she volunteered to be the subject. Professor E. Gadd programmed the time machine to go back in time where the Princess should only have a glimpse of the past and, in which, she should return immediately to the present.

The time machine worked perfectly but, the princess did not return immediately, which indicates that there is probably something wrong in the past.

It turned out that an alien species called the “Shroobs” invaded the Mushroom Kingdom, leaving Princess Peach as a hostage (again).

One of the Shroobs was able to go to the present time in which Mario and Luigi were able to defeat with ease. After the monster’s defeat, a time hole appeared wherein Mario and Luigi can enter.

Professor E. Gadd told them that they must go back in time to save the Princess and they must collect the fragments of the Cobalt star in the process.

So, Mario and Luigi goes back in time and they met their younger selves. The old and the young Mario and Luigi agree to get the Cobalt Star fragments to help save Princess Peach and to help them return to the present time.

During the course of the game, Baby Bowser will halt your advances in certain stages and levels. Well, I think that is his job anyway.

After collecting the Cobalt star fragments, the Elder Princess Shroob appears. She will be the final boss in the game and after defeating her, you will successfully rescue Princess Peach and the three of you can return back to the present, unharmed.

Mario and Luigi Partners In Time Game for the Nintendo DS is a turn-based RPG that borrows some of the elements of a traditional RPG game.

You get to control Mario while Luigi follows at the back. At the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS, you will see the overworld map where you can control where Mario and Luigi are headed.

At the top screen of the portable gaming console, you will see the map of the place with pertinent information about where the brothers should go to next.

During the course of the game, the baby versions of the Brothers will always be with them, even during battle.

The battle system is pretty similar to that of the Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga game. Aside from the Bros. attacks, there are also some items that you can gain by exploring the overworld.

These items can be used in combat and some of these items will have all four (the older and the baby versions of the bros) execute an attack which is pretty awesome.

Whenever you think about Princess Peach being kidnapped, it seems rather redundant. I am just happy that the game developers made sure that every game has something unique in it to spice up the already repetitive outcome.

Still, I find the Mario and Luigi Partners In Time Game for the Nintendo DS to be quite enjoyable for young and old people alike.