Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition Release Date Revealed

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is considered to be the best game of 2015. That is because of its fantastic gameplay mechanics as well as a vast world for people to explore.

The game also had two beefy expansions: Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. Blood and Wine, according to the game developers, CD Projekt Red, is the final expansion pack for the game.

Of course, there were some updates after that but it is mostly about balancing and fixing the game’s bugs.

Now that the Blood and Wine expansion has been released, gamers can bid farewell to the iconic Geralt of Rivia.

But, if you’re a fan of the game, do not bid him goodbye just yet. Nearly two months ago, The Witcher 3’s Game director, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, said that the company is set to release a “Game of the Year Edition”.

What is so special about the Game of the Year Edition, you ask? Well, aside from the fact that it will be the last retail copy of the game, it will also include both of the aforementioned expansion packs.

Furthermore, Konrad also said that the company is looking to add small content into the Game of the Year edition as well, but it still remains to be seen if they are going to push through with that plan.

They will also probably release it in a nicely covered box or something. If you’ve bought the two expansions, you can see that the box was intricately covered. I really love when gaming companies do this as they not only give value to the game itself but they also value the aesthetics as well.

If you have some sort of marketing experience, the game’s packaging will also be a factor in people’s minds.

Also, all of the released DLC packs will be included in the Game of the Year edition as well. In short, the Game of the Year Edition will house all of the released content from day one until the last expansion pack.

The announcement that they will release a Game of the Year edition didn’t include one important information: the release date.

Fortunately, Konrad finally said just recently that The Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition will be released in the latter part of August.

For fans of the game, mark your calendars now! It would be interesting to see how the company will price this Game of the Year Edition.

For people who bought the game, each expansion costs $40-$60 depending on your area. So, if this game of the year edition has all of the content, will they price it a bit higher perhaps?

It is an interesting notion considering that many people already have a copy of this game. They will probably only buy the game of the year edition as a collector’s item or something.

Still, the official release date will be on August 30, 2016. So for Witcher 3 fans, mark your calendars and ready your money!