Corsair CX750M Power Supply Unit

Are you planning to create a gaming rig? Or better yet, create the perfect workstation? If so, you need to have powerful components to power up your rig. All the components of your PC will depend on what you want.

Today, we are going to take a look at what powers most gaming PC nowadays. You see, gaming PCs are very powerful computers that can play any game you throw at it. They have powerful graphics cards, hefty RAM modules, and Hard Drives that store all the data you need.

cx750mBut, in order for them to work, you need to have a power supply unit. There are a lot of options out there, but we are going to look at what Corsair has to offer: the Corsair CX750M.

This Power supply unit is targeted for budget gaming rigs under $700. The CX750M is a semi-modular power supply unit so this is a perfect PSU to get when you want to have cable management under the hood.

Here are the technical specifications for the Corsair CX750M:

  • Modular cabling system lets you use only the cables you need
  • Built and tested to strict standards for trouble-free installation and smooth operation
  • 80 PLUS Bronze certified efficiency for low noise and lower power bills
  • Up to 85% energy efficiency means less heat generation and lower energy bills.
  • 0.99 Active Power Factor Correction provides clean and reliable power.
  • Universal AC input from 90-264V.
  • A dedicated single +12V rail offers maximum compatibility with the latest components.
  • A three-year warranty and lifetime access to Corsair’s legendary technical support and customer service

Corsair has done it again because they have created another quality product suited for budget gaming rigs. Although, if you want to push it even further, you may want to try their other PSUs for some higher end, enthusiast PCs.

But for now, if you ask in the forums and PC communities, they would always recommend this power supply unit for budget gaming rigs. It does the job done and it is backed by a three-year company warranty.

That being said, let’s look at what customers who have bought the CX750M have to say:

Lisa: “I purchased this based on the brand Corsair! Corsair is an incredible product. I am building a tower for gaming and am going to Corsair for much of my needs. The Corsair CX Series 500 Watt ATX/EPs delivers the wattage I need. I have not had any issues with Corsair in the past and will continue using them in the future. This package came with spare plus too. Thanks.”

Mike: “Does what’s it supposed to. Runs my Asus motherboard 4 ram cards, amd a7 strix video card, and three hard drives. Been in the about a month so far no issues. It comes with plenty of wires that are pretty long. So if you have a large case you should be ok.”

If you’re going to build a budget gaming rig, the Corsair CX750M Semi-Modular power supply is a great choice. The CX750M costs just around $60.